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Commercial Janitorial Services, Fogging, Carpet & Floor Cleaning

McCoy Maintenance Inc.

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Commercial Cleaning Services

If you are currently searching for a first class and top of the line office cleaning company, McCoy Maintenance Inc. is the number 1 go-to provider that guarantees to deliver the finest full service cleaning that you can
never find anywhere else!

Since 1984, our company has been rendering our services to all our clients around Detroit Metropolitan area and we are proud to say that up to this very day, we are still continuously doing our best in order to remain as
the leading cleaning provider that can cater to all your commercial cleaning needs.

Why Choose Us as Your Office Cleaning Company?

There are a lot of reasons why you need to choose us as your premier office cleaning service.

Extensive Experience in Commercial Cleaning

Through the years, we have already handled different cleaning projects and this has helped us in knowing how we should exactly address specific cleaning needs and requirements.

Guaranteed Satisfaction Guaranteed

We will not become the premier office cleaning service for no reason and we can confidently say that we were able to reach where we are right now through ensuring our clients that what they will get is only the
best quality of work that they truly deserve. Every cleaning project that we do ends with consistent quality results. We can keep your establishment or office spotless even with minimal supervision.

Investment in Quality Equipment and Tools

In order to guarantee that we will be able to deliver only the best cleaning services, our company invests in the latest and most up to date equipment and tools. We use tools and equipment that pass the safety standards
of the industry. Since there are instances when cleaning services are done during office hours, we also see to it that our equipment will not cause any noise so that we will not distract your employees or disrupt
any activities in your establishment. All our equipment are in good working condition and are well maintained.

Professional and Knowledgeable Workers

Members of our staff are all knowledgeable and professional. They are punctual and they work in the most efficient and professional manner possible. They have also undergone extensive training and are highly capable
to get the job done and completed correctly and properly.

Customized Customer Service

McCoy Maintenance Inc. understand that not all clients have the same cleaning needs and for this reason, our services are specially tailored and customized in order to meet the unique requirements and specifications
of our clients. Before we start with our work, we take a closer look at your particular needs first before we come up with the right cleaning specifications based on those needs. Because we place our clients
on the top of our priorities, we make sure that we take your special needs into consideration. We do not offer a one-solution-fits-all type of service because we believe that this is not the way how a professional
cleaning company should deliver its services.


McCoy Maintenance, Inc. has been serving the Detroit Metropolitan area since 1984.

Contact our certified and highly trained staff today for help with any of the following needs:

Commercial Cleaning

Customized janitorial services tailored to your needs, within your budget and on time. Serving Office Buildings, Schools, Medical Facilities, Offices, Factories, Industrial Buildings and more.

At McCoy Maintenance we’re not only maintenance. Our longstanding floor maintenance services over the years have made our team specialists in all types of flooring.

Ultra Low Volume Fogging

Using a fogging machine that uses large volumes of air at low pressure to transform liquid into droplets that are dispersed into the atmosphere. This procedure covers all surfaces. Chemical used is hospital grade, one step
cleaner, bactericidal, virucidal, mildewcidal, fungicidal, disinfectant proven effective against norovirus, canine parvovirus, and blood borne pathogens. Fantastic, fresh scent, leaves surfaces clean, germ-free, and
safe! Call us today to help keep your environment COVID/Flu germ-free!

Carpet and Upholstry Cleaning

The McCoy Maintenance, Inc., trained and certified team of experts will restore natural beauty to your carpets, upholstery and floors quickly and economically giving you the result you’re looking for!

McCoy Maintenance is the seasoned team of experts that will disinfect and restore the original natural beauty to your carpets and upholstery and quickly, safely, and economically.

Floor Maintenance

Cleaning services for the following types of floors are expertly provided: vinyl, linoleum, ceramic and terrazzo. Serving commercial and residential clients, McCoy Maintenance, Inc. uses the latest technology for bringing
new life to your flooring.

At McCoy Maintenance we understand that you have invested and take pride in your floors—we do too!

Construction Cleaning

Dust, trash and debris keeping you from moving in to your space? Call now and let our team of construction cleaning professionals get your office or home in move-in condition!

If you have ever seen a construction site or had remodeling done in your home, you know the mess construction can create and the nightmare cleanup can be afterward.

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