Commercial Cleaning

McCoy Maintenance Inc.    Your Premier Commercial Cleaning Company

Just like you, we at McCoy Maintenance Inc. are also a business and for this reason, we completely understand how challenging it is to run a business in a constantly changing economy, like what we have today. It appears that the cost of services keeps taking the upward curve every single day. And getting new clients can become more daunting than it used to be.

However, despite these challenges, there is one area that should never be taken for granted-  hiring a reliable commercial cleaning company. There are plenty of benefits that you are bound to enjoy once you hire a commercial cleaning company like McCoy Maintenance Inc.

  • We help improve your brand image! Never forget that more than anything else, your office leaves a great first impression on potential investors, partners, and customers. A shabby office with dusty shelves, odd break room smell, and stained carpet will make visitors rate you as disoriented, unkempt, and unprofessional. Definitely not good for your business! This and more embarrassing impressions you get to wade off by engaging McCoy Maintenance for commercial cleaning services.

  • We boost your productivity rate! A thriving company with a high productivity rate bores down to the employees. As a leading provider of cleaning services, we take priority in leaving your workspace in a high taste of perfection-sparkling clean. No matter what, the productivity rate of employees is directly proportional to the state of their workstation.

  • Reduction in overall cost! McCoy Maintenance Inc is dedicated to featuring at intervals agreed upon to help with cleaning services. With this, your workflow is never interrupted, effective cleaning is guaranteed with no pressure on your everyday expenditure.

McCoy Maintenance, Inc. has delivered insured and bonded commercial cleaning services to Detroit businsses for over 25 years.

McCoy Maintenance commercial cleaning services:

  • Janitorial Office Cleaning
  • Factory and industrial building cleaning
  • Small business cleaning
  • Medical, financial, or religious institution cleaning
  • Custom cleaning services

McCoy Maintenance is the professional commercial cleaning solutions. Services are tailored to meet clients’ unique needs; they are delivered on time and within budget – guaranteed.

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